Bicarbonate Catridge Hemocart


  • Hemocart Cartidge Bicarbonate is a practical alternative to liquid
  • Basic bicarbonate hemodialysis solution 8,4%.
  • Cartridge housing of polypropylene one filter at the cartridge inlet and
  • One filter at the outlet port respectively.


This is Alkaline dialysis powder used for chronic renal failure patients which can  prevent and suppress bacteria reproduction andinfection from the use of high flux  dialyzeror on - line HDF. Therefore, it can be used very effectively under high efficient  dialysis environments. It is designed in column and bag typeso that it is compatible  with all hemodialysis machines. Easy of delivery , storage, disposal and general  management makes the use of this machines convenient.

Product Advantage

  • Hygienic as infections are sppressed
  • Available for all hemodialysis machines.
  • Reasonable use of loading space
  • ( 60% space saved over liquid type ).
  • Easy mount/dismount and easy use.
  • Sodium bicarbonate complies Ep